Crafty Christmas Goodness

It’s still January so I can still post about Christmas, right?

I finally got around to taking and uploading pictures of some of the craft-related goodies I got for the snowy holiday.

Most of this is from Liane, she who magically finishes a million things even though I know she has no more time than I do. And words fail me.. LOOK AT THAT YARN. She hand-dyed it! I thought it was pretty when I pulled it out the package and then was stunned when I read she did that herself. Damn. Am not worthy, clearly.

BUT! Since I have it in my hot little hands anyway, I can’t decide what to do with it! (of course.) I’m currently thinking either colorwork mittens or a hat (I love variegated backgrounds with white in colorwork) or possibly something for the baby, but I find it more likely I’ll make something for myself 😉

But Liane didn’t stop there.. she also made this clever little needle book (I totally have that pattern book and was planning on making some myself but she beat me too it, and good thing because I’d be approximately 60 years old before I got around to it), AND a craft apron for the kiddo. Dude. There aren’t words how much you rock!

Now, the scissors are extra special even though they don’t look it. On my alternative (meaning non-Amazon) wishlist, I asked for some fabric scissors. I’ve noticed that the more sewing I do the more my cheap-ass scissors suck. So my dad sent me my grandmother’s dressmaking shears. Whoa! I wasn’t expecting that and they’re ten times better than new ones. I love them.

My grandmother was a pretty special lady, although not in the normal ways. She was… difficult. BUT she was an excellent seamstress, very opinionated about fashion (and nearly everything else), and made most of her own clothes for her entire life. She was a hairdresser and owned her own salon during a time when apparently it was uncommon for women to own businesses. When she neared 40 she decided she wanted a child, got married, and had one. She was never one to mince words and she pretty much always got what she wanted.

So I’m really honored to have her scissors. They’re Singer brand, and I have no idea what that means, but my dad says she treasured them and refused to let them touch anything other than fabric. They need to be sharpened, but I’m sure they’ll do just fine. I’m pretty sure I get some of my crafty goodness from her and am pleased to be able to share in this one piece of domestic bliss and history. I bet she’d be proud. Well.. opinionated, but perhaps secretly proud 🙂

Incidently, I also got some pinking shears. Whee! Fun, fun.

Oh and a few other things that escaped being photographed! For one I got a new portable digital camera. YAY! I love our SLR but it’s hard to tote around when my diaper bag is already full. (Does it still count as a diaper bag when your kid is out of diapers? Hmm!) So this has been treasured already. I also was gifted a “Handstamped by Carrie” stamp from my mom which is BRILLIANT! Love it. Not that I’ve been making many cards lately, but you know, it will last decades so that’s all good 🙂

I’m looking forward to using all this good stuff. And if you think of a good pattern for that yarn let me know! And where to get scissors sharpened in Seattle… Hmm.

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2 Responses to Crafty Christmas Goodness

  1. Sarah says:

    That is some pretty yarn! I think it would look great in some colorwork with white or black — something to let the colors really stand out.

  2. Heather says:

    Pinking shears ARE a reason to celebrate, although I’m not quite sure why!!

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