WIP Friday!

How long has it been since I’ve updated my WIPs on a Friday? Sheesh. Believe me, it’s pure coincidence that a) I was able to edit and upload photos last night and b) it just happens to be Friday.

First off, those fingerless mitts (Fetching) are almost done.. Cannot wait! I want them. Now. I’m still waiting to see if my friend needs help with the thumb or the binding off though, so this is their current state. Although I’m tempted to start another pair for a holiday gift so I can finish these and wear them 🙂

This is the state of The Doctor’s Bag. It’s incredibly tiring work and other things have distracted me from it. This is about halfway through the front. I can do one pattern repeat in a session then my hands are whipped. Craziness! I think it looks good though.. will be nice when it’s done 🙂

(Incidently that’s my knitting bag I got for Christmas! It’s the Jordana Paige Knitting Satchel. It is divine and I love it. Why can’t I ever make it to a knitting group so I can take it along?!)

Next up is a pressie for someone special. I don’t think they read this so I’m going to risk posting pictures, but I suppose you never know! Anyway if these are finished in February they’ll be a V-day present. And if later, well, they’ll be a present for later 😀

It’s the Sweetheart Socks pattern from the 2007 Holiday edition of Interweave Knits magazine. The yarn is TOFUtsies which has crab something or other in it, which supposedly makes it naturally antibacterial. They look really skinny on the needles which has me worried, but they fit me at the moment so that has to be a good sign. I know this pattern would show up better in a darker, solid colored yarn, but I think they look okay. Anyway I couldn’t pass up the hearts! I got this yarn with this person in mind, but not a pattern, so I hope this works. If it doesn’t I’m thinking mini-monkeys. We’ll see.

And ummm… is that it? Juliet is coming along, time consuming as she is. I’ve ripped back up top they start of the lace section to recalculate that, and it’s going much better. Note to self: Always follow the lace pattern, even if that means a wierd yarnover or k2tog right before a raglan increase. Otherwise it screws with your numbers!

Now I just have the problem where the place I want to end the sleeves is shorter than the desired arm depth (doing top down raglan increases). There are a few options here (why don’t I own this book?) but at the moment I’m trying some short rows in an effort to keep everything seamless and, well, looking how I want it to! We’ll see if it works. I love the lace pattern I picked out, but it’s only a few rows in so figured there was no point taking a picture. I’ll do that when I get past the sleeves and finally get to work on the body part in earnest. God knows I could use something long to cover the Belly That Will Not Be Covered.

What else.. the Norwegian Mittens are stagnated because I want a different wrist, and I’m still working on that. See how designing is such a time suck? Sheesh.

The scarf has been put at the bottom of my basket for now. It can live there a while.

On the bright side, I frogged two things today so yay for more yarn! I even have projects planned for them. Of course. In the distant, rosey-tinted future where I can knit all the time.

In non-knitting related news I’ve been doing some practical sewing, like hemming a pair of trousers that constantly drag on the ground (elastic waist! I can still wear them!) and fixing my one pair of well fitting maternity jeans that apparently decided the elastic didn’t need to be in a casing. Yah right. One more pair of maternity jeans coming, hopefully. I (very carefully) picked off the elastic waist of a pair of trousers I wore constantly this summer until they ripped, and am planning on sewing that to a pair of jeans that fit until recently, if that tells you anything about how huge they are. They will not be worn post-maternity so there’s no point keeping them intact. Elastic waists all around!

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4 Responses to WIP Friday!

  1. Harley says:

    Heather just finished her first mitten. Too cool. 🙂


  2. Madge says:

    What a busy bee you are! I love your Sweetheart socks. The pink is awesome. Reminds me of the little hearts candies. Yum!

  3. KY Heather says:

    I love the fingerless gloves. Me likey!

  4. Heather says:

    LOVE those Sweetheart Socks!!

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