Project List

Surely I am not the only person out there with approximately a million projects that I’d like to do. Of course I realize I have neither the time, energy, money, or funds to support all of these ideas. However, because I think my brain may soon explode, I’d like to write all of most of them down somewhere. I’m sure I’ll forget some.

I’m also trying to work on projects for which I already have the materials. I tend to buy materials for projects thinking I’ll work on them in the future.. and while I have the best intentions and fully intend to do so, like I said, I just can’t seem to find the time! On the bright side, I bought stuff because I really do want to make these things, so it should be fun to finish off some of these ideas!

Baby Stuff

First up, baby items. I’ve started to think more about this recently and realized, holy shit, I have, like, three months. Crap. So here’s a list of baby items I’d like to have completed before the wee one is due. I’m even going to prioritize the list!

  1. Baby quilt (based on the one I saw at the Purl Bee recently)
  2. Jean pocket organizer for side of crib (because we never have enough storage)
  3. Baby sweater (surprise jacket probably, but in stash yarn)
  4. Newborn hat for hospital (previous hat cute, but let’s hope that’s not newborn sized!)
  5. More booties/socks. How many? Who knows?
  6. … of course there are a million other things I’d like to make too, but let’s be realistic here. Maybe a soaker could be done as well. Note to self: Order more prefolds.

Gifts for the Year

Of course I like making gifts and I thought it would be useful to try and plan them over the course of a year. I can’t give too much detail here, and the good thing about gifts is to have a backup plan in case you don’t get to them. With a babe on the way this is highly likely, but nevertheless it might be fun to have a perfunctory list. All of these are for someone special, I’m just not going to say who!

  1. Koolhaas Hat
  2. Fingerless gloves (x4?)
  3. Golf club covers (okay to be specific on that, she knows about it already!)
  4. Socks with picot edge
  5. Yoga bag
  6. Ornaments! Birds, mittens, etc.
  7. Oven set
  8. Washclothes and soap holders
  9. Market bag(s)

For the Boo

There are a few things the Boo has asked for specifically, plus some other ideas I’ve run across on ye olde web that he would enjoy.

  1. Pointy Kitty (he loved Miss Violet, but she was a gift!)
  2. Felted Squirrel (he saw this pattern in a LYS)
  3. Frog Toss
  4. Felt/fabric boxes for toy kitchen organization
  5. Knitted Octopus
  6. Cupcakes (knitted or felted)
  7. Play food
  8. Felt play boards/book
  9. Elliott the Dragon puppet
  10. Felted finger puppets

Holiday Decorations

  1. I really want to make a sock advent calendar and figured if I can do two tiny socks a month it will practically be done for the holidays. Isn’t that clever? Yes, yes it is.
  2. A tree topper would be nice.
  3. As would a tree skirt (although I’ve always wanted a quilted one myself).
  4. As would a felt gingerbread house.

Knitting for Me!

Why do I always forget about me?

  1. I wear my two pairs of handknit socks often — far more than I wash them, in fact. H noticed this and suggested perhaps I should make more. Good idea. Besides, I have lots of sock yarn.
  2. There are three bags in my queue I really want to make — one is stash yarn even.
  3. I’d love to make another sweater for 2008. If I’m using stash yarns this somewhat restricts the choices, but it can still be done.
  4. Mittens!
  5. Hats! (Grownup Bonnet?)
  6. Scarves!
  7. Headbands!
  8. Lace scarves/shawls (several in mind, cannot seem to pick one!)

Sewing and other Craft Projects

As ever, there are lots of sewing and other craft projects I’d like to do. Mostly for house and organizational stuff, so they always seem to sit on the backburner. Not to mention sewing requires more time and attention than, say, knitting, so that’s another reason I rarely get to them.

  1. Sewing machine and serger covers.
  2. Fabric box to organize circular needles.
  3. Apron for moi.
  4. Pincushions (felted and sewn).
  5. Color wheel quilt for wall.
  6. Train quilt for the Boo.
  7. Baby memory quilt for moi.
  8. Why are there so many quilts on here? I’ve never even done it before!
  9. … you know I have a whole list of craft projects upstairs and clearly I have forgotten them all.

Phew. I think that’s it.

I may add to this list.. or I may completely forget about it! At least it’s out of my head right now so I can continue to work on my Works In Progress. I should be working on March birthday pressies, but I’d like to finish something for moi first! Incidently, I did repair two pairs of ripped trousers yesterday and will hopefully finish a third tonight. I love having a sewing machine — I am in dire need of trousers that fit!

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