Yet more new things!

I seem to have start-itis! Two new projects:

This is the ever-popular Fetching pattern from Knitty. Fingerless gloves in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. Yum. (Although I recently read
an article about cashmere production, including things like how big box American stores want it cheaper, therefore there are too many goats, there are ecological problems associated with too many goats, etc, and it doesn’t sound like an industry I need to support. No more cashmere for me! Although I feel bad for those herders.)

The funny things about me and fingerless gloves is that I didn’t get them for an extremely long time. I always have sweaty palms, why on earth would I cover them up only for my fingers to get cold?? And then I got in my car a few weeks ago and thought I would never be able to move my cold, cold hands ever again, that steering wheel was so ridiculously cold.

Suddenly it occured to me. Damn if I don’t need fingerless gloves. Who knew?!

So when my friend K, who has recently taken up knitting (and so has her hubby!) said she wanted to make some fingerless gloves I suggested a knit-along, because a) I want to make some too, and b) I love a good knit-along.

Therefore we are both making Fetchings. Yay! The color is gorgeous as well. I’m expecting this to be a rather slow project as I want to reach the important parts of the pattern at the same time, like the thumb, but looking forward to these being done nonetheless!

Next up is Juliet… but more Juliet-ish. This is a popular Zephyr Style pattern that calls for chunky weight yarn. I did indeed try it out in chunky weight way back in November, but quickly realized that a) chunky looks crap on me, dammit, and b) I would run out of yarn (I was using Rowan wool/cotton held double). So that got ripped and I stewed on it some more.

The thing is I actually really like this top. It’s just my style, particularly when pregnant/nursing, and, well, I just want one! So when I ordered some sale yarn that I thought would be charcoal grey and it was in fact jet black (damn the internet and those colors looking different on monitors), making it unusable for what I wanted to use it for, I suddenly had an opportunity. Juliet-ish in black. Hmm!

So the royal we is going for it. I’m up to the lace section since I’m doing that above the bust, but it’s not quite reached the armpit yet, so there’s some fancy stuff going on that involves things like math and I’m just not entirely sure this is going to work. Nevertheless, it’s fun and if it does work it’ll be fabulous. At least I hope.

The hard part in all this start-itis? I have a ton more things I want to be working on!! Need to finish something, pronto.

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2 Responses to Yet more new things!

  1. Jenni says:

    There are small farmers who produce cashmere, including one in Portland, OR I think. If you’re interested, I can dig up a name.

  2. RhettaRic says:

    Me too – want to knit too many things. I have the Must Have going good – maybe seven inches. But already I’m thinking of something for spring too AND I have another spring-ish sweater almost done just marinating in it’s own bag several months now. Really I should be full on concentrating on Must Have so I get some use out of it this winter…

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