Last FO of the year

I did it! I finished that little baby hat during the day on the 31st. Woohoo!

Pattern: Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap
Yarn: Socks That Rock in Barney Rubble (lightweight)
Needles: 2.5mm (size 1 Addis) and 3mm (size 2 Knitpicks)

I lurve it. Good thing too because at the beginning this thing really made my brain hurt. The instructions are basically written out in a paragraph and I KEPT running into problems! My stitch count was always off and I seemed to have more increases than I needed.

Eventually I abandoned that very last K1 so that that section would mirror the other sections. I also eventually realized my eyes were landing on the wrong next row so I kept screwing up that way too. Sigh. I did eventually get it right and the decreases were lining up properly so once I got going it went smoothly. But I swear, I ripped it back at least 5 times. Grr. But so many people have made this, clearly I was doing something wrong!!

I’m not entirely sure on the size.. 3 months? I will make another hat too at some point that should be more newborn sized. I really want the kiddo to come home in handknits 🙂

It’s not blocked yet, but that’s okay. I have time. I am purposefully being optimistic.

And anyway, now I need to think about what yarn to use for the sweater I want to make as well! I had my heard set on ordering some more Socks That Rock (in a different colorway — brown and blue) or trying out the new Sea Wool, but I really should try to use something from my stash. I just don’t have anything that is calling out to be my baby sweater. I have a solid green that would be nice but I also have a pattern earmarked for that.. and besides, I love the baby surprise jacket in variegated yarn. I have a very dark variegated in browns, greys and olive but a) it might be a little too dark and b) I think it’s probably too thick as well. There’s probably enough left from the same skein as the hat, but I think it’s too thin. Sigh. Decisions, decisions.

Anyway! It’s done and on to other things. What will be the first finished project for 2008? Hmm!

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  1. gretch says:

    Did you use circs or regular needles? I absolutely adore this hat!!! Gorgeous colors… I want to make one badly and I suspect that I’ll have problems as well (such positive thinking huh!) because the way the pattern is written looks too unstructured for my directionally-challenged brain.

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