Knitting for the last year and the next

Alternately titled, how to bore your readers to tears with your blather! However, blather I will 🙂

I’ve seen a lot of blogs doing a “year in review” sort of things.. and I did a list for 2006 after all. I still haven’t found a good way to do an annual gallery though. I realized recently that my current Knits 2007 gallery in Flickr is going to have to change to just Knits if I don’t want to go Flickr Pro (which I don’t). I love the layout of Ravelry’s “project notebook” (Ravelry users only) but again it doesn’t organize by year (although they did just put out some javascript that I could use to make a gallery page here, but it takes some fiddling and I’m not that good at javascript OR WordPress). So I thought I’d just do another year in review and post some goals for 2008.

Looking back at my 2006 list I realized I’ve grown a lot as a knitter.

Perhaps some pictorial highlights would round out the feeling of inner harmony and joy?

Ahh.. perusing my pictures I remember I did more than knitting this year too! My sewing skills improved immensely, for one thing. Actually, I’m sort of impressed with myself. I feel like this year I learned a lot and had a lot of fun doing it. I branched out in several directions, including card making (but no scrapbooking) and really getting into the idea of wool felting in all its forms. I think it’s fair to say I get almost excessive enjoyment and pleasure from my crafts. And that’s a Very Good Thing!

Now, onto 2008.

I hesitate to set any “goals”. For one thing I cannot determine what may catch my attention tomorrow. I may read about something that will carry me off in whole new directions and I would hate to restrict myself 😉 For another, there may be a baby in our future and that always throws everything off kilter for a while. However, there are some vague goals I do think are reasonable.

  1. I don’t think I have an excessive “work in progress” problem. Any projects I have left unfinished need to be frogged or taken apart and re-used. Not everything works out and that’s okay, but it shouldn’t sit around taking up space. I’d like to frog and sort through any remaining projects, both knitting and otherwise.
  2. I have the materials for a lot of projects that I have yet to start. This is of course fabulous and it would be not only be fun but would be great for the pocketbook if I tried not to plan ahead but worked on the things I have already planned to do. (This doesn’t mean no shopping whatsoever; often something extra is required to finish a project — and that’s okay too.)
  3. Develop and stick to a budget for hobbies (hell, for everything else too!). I actually really want to do this, I tend to forget what I’ve bought when I don’t plan my purchases properly, and I think I probably buy more than I think I do.
  4. Spend more time on stuff for me. If you had asked me not two days ago who I mostly knit for I would have answered myself. Until last night when H pointed out most of what I made in 2007 (I was showing him Ravelry while we were discussing said budget) was for other people. Wow, I had no idea. I have so many ideas for myself and I relish making things that I can wear and use that fit and work properly that I really need to focus on that.
  5. Ironically, however, this goal is all about gifts 😉 I don’t usually get stressed about holiday and gift knitting because I usually plan out enough in advance, but leaving gifts until the fall to start means I don’t have time for other things I might like to make, like an advent calendar or tree skirt. I’m going to work on gifts and holiday decorations throughout the year this year.
  6. Don’t expect too much from this year. Isn’t that funny? It’s just that if all goes to play with the babe, I won’t have much crafting time. And that’s okay — babies aren’t babies for long.

So, is there anything specific I’d really like to make this year? Of course!

  1. Advent calendar (baby socks!) for Christmas.
  2. Another sweater for me, preferably not 100% wool so it’s wearable in spring and fall as well. Actually I have two in mind, Rogue or the Patons Urban Neutrals Cardigan.
  3. Baby things — specifically some booties/baby socks, a sweater (or two) and a baby hat (or two). I’m going to leave the specifics up for whatever comes up, but I want to make something while the kid has little choice in what he wears 🙂
  4. A winter set for me — my scarf is about 75% done, mittens 50% done (but not happy with the cuffs), and I got a fabulous hat book for Xmas (thanks S&D&C!) where it’s hard to choose exactly which hat to make! Done in time for summer, right?
  5. In general if I had to pick some crafts to focus on for 2008 I’d like to do more colorwork and explore more wool felting in the worlds of fulling (knitting), needle, and wet felting. I’d also like to make more toys, games, and things to do with the kiddo.

I think that’s it! My novel for 2007 🙂 Happy Crafty New Years and I hope next year is just as inspirational!

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  1. Marsha says:

    2007 was a great knitting year for you, and it looks like 2008 will be even better!

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