More new stuff

With holiday craziness over I’ve started a new project for moi!

I know, aren’t you totally inspired? I don’t know whether to tell you what it is or make you guess. I know it looks very drab but I promise it’s actually very pretty. Muy excited. Even if it’s breaking my hands doing this particular stitch with double stranded worstest weight yarn. Ai yi yi.

These are the Boo’s mittens, to finish off his winter hat and scarf set. These were finished a while ago actually but I could never get the kid to stand still for photos so finally just sat them on the table.

I used the same yarn as the hat and scarf, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky. Pattern is Bulky Kids Mittens by Amy King of Spunky Eclectic fame (when am I going to learn to spin so I can buy some of that delish hand-dyed fiber?). I used over 1 skein and parts of another already partially used one. I think I went through 4 skeins total for the whole set. But my brain might not be working on remembering that right.

I thought it was a great pattern, very easy, and clearly using bulky yarn for kid mittens is a good idea because it went really fast! I did think it was a little pointy so I decreased more quickly than the pattern called for. I also ended up doing the year 8 size on size 5 needles (er, I think, needle size might be wrong) to get a size to fit my 3 year old. I tried the smallest size first and they were too small (but good for a Christmas ornament!).

Anywho! The lad claims to like them and now I can feel like both a good mother and good knitter the next time it snows and he wants to throw snowballs, he doesn’t have to do so with bare hands. Go me.

(Incidently it snowed on Christmas! Here! In urban Seattle! How unusual. Didn’t stick though, of course.)

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  1. Sarah says:

    Starting the shawl first is great advice. I never think of those things. I think I will start tomorrow when my brain is more fresh!

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