Inspirational Holiday Crafts

I have been loving all the holiday crafting out there in Blogland. Not that I’ve done much of it myself.. the kiddo is still too young in many, many ways and I am being a grinch.

However, I wanted to save some of these ideas for later! It finally dawned on me I could save pictures of inspirational ideas and post them here for future reference, as opposed to bookmarking them. My bookmarks quite desperately need help.

  1. Button wreath from artsycraftybabe
  2. Felt Gingerbread House (okay now I can’t find where I saw this, but I love it!)
  3. Gumdrop Tree (artsycraftybabe again)
  4. Paper tube ornaments from Two Green Chickens
  5. Celestine Tree Topper from Berroco (Incidently I thought of a similar idea using sewn felt, and I think I like my idea better but am saving this one for future reference!)
  6. Small Object: Fabric Chain Garland (better than paper because easier to store!)
  7. Paper Globe Ornaments from Craft Tutorials Blog
  8. Small Object: Stacking Fabric Christmas Trees (also seen these done in paper!)

We have done a few things around here, I’ve just been crap about taking pictures of them! For example:

  • Pipe cleaner Christmas trees using the guide from the Puchi Collective. The story here is that the Boo loved the white Christmas trees at the nursery, so we used both white and green pipe cleaners. These are cute, but don’t stand up well.
  • Paper chain garland from the Land of Nod. I did feel like I was copping out using a kit, but then figured the amount of time I’d spend shopping (not to mention I’m sure I’d buy more than $10 worth of paper) and cutting up the strips would make the price of the kit worth it!
  • I made the bird ornaments from Last Minute Quilted and Patchwork Gifts for our playgroup moms and these were adorable. Why I didn’t take a picture is beyond me! I need to make more for ME!
  • We made Christmas cards by my drawing a Christmas tree on a blank card, then gluing down scraps from last year’s wrapping paper in red and green onto said tree. Very cute, must take pictures of these as well.

And yet more things I want to make:

  • Pompom garland (except I was planning on using my leftover felt beads)
  • Felted wreath a la Betz White (and lo how I want her book!)

Okay that’s all I can think of at the moment! Lots of fun things to do — now to find the time and inclination of the child to do them 🙂

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