My Fabulous Hoodie

I finally got around to requesting some “action shots” of my Central Park Hoodie, which I finished in the first part of the year! I can’t be arsed to check the actual date but I think I started it in late February or early March. It was cold when I started it, hot when I finished it (June?) and couldn’t be bothered to sew the zipper in until quite recently.

The first few times I made any earnest attempt at wearing the thing, it was fall and still too warm. This puppy is 100% wool and seriously holds in body heat. Since I’m slightly allergic to wool, anything other than biting cold makes my skin feel itchy. Therefore it had sparse usage throughout the fall and I was vaguely concerned that I had made an unwearable sweater (which was something I knew I was getting into — the yarn was very on sale and I didn’t want to spend a ton in case it didn’t work out!).

However since it has gotten bitterly cold I wear it almost daily. It’s pilling a lot, but looks very worn and loved so that’s good. It’s a great color and I get a lot of compliments on it. The only thing I wish I could change is that I wish it was a smidgen longer. My current belief is that it is currently stretching width-wise making it shorter due to the ever-growing burdgeoning baby belly. I hope it will get longer when my girth is less… substantial.

I love this sweater. I really want to make more — not the same pattern, just more sweaters. I have many planned (my Ravelry queue is 6 pages long! Not all sweaters, but still). Three things I want to experiment with: Non-wool or wool blend sweaters (hopefully more Carrie-friendly in warmer months and indoors), longer length, and probably plain sleeves. I don’t think the pokey-out cables on the arms do me any favours. Oh and I need to get better at measuring for zippers. This one is an inch too long, but I just folded over the edge on the inside so it’s not a problem. Otherwise! It’s perfect and I love it. Smooch!

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2 Responses to My Fabulous Hoodie

  1. RhettaRic says:

    Your Central Park Hoodie is GORGEOUS! Great work. You’re making me want to make it…

  2. Gill says:

    The CPH looks great! I will get around to it one day.

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