Boo’s Keyhole Scarf

In celebration of winter, I finally got a picture of the Boo wearing his keyhole scarf.

He doesn’t really like it. He takes it off unless he’s very, very cold. Then again he takes his hat off a lot too. But when it’s really, really cold, he leaves them on, which I suppose is the important part.

The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and is undeniably soft. The stitch pattern is something I read somewhere — knit on one side, k1p1 (knit1 purl1). Very pretty, reversible, and doesn’t curl (too much — a blocking would probably help).

The keyhole definitely helps it stay on. I was stubborn and didn’t want to break the yarn (it’s bulky and slippery), so I actually knit down, made the hole, single crocheted (or did I do some sort of wierd bind off?) along the edge I had just knit, and continued knitting back at the top to create a hole without breaking the yarn. Woot.

Next up for the lad.. Mittens! No more playing in the snow with bare hands! Er.. if we ever get snow again.

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