Colorwork and Mittens

I finished my last two Christmas projects (although they still need to be blocked) so I decided to try something new. Mostly because I want to make the lad some mittens (boy does he ever need some, we were throwing snowballs with bare hands!) but I’ve never made mittens before. Since the ones I want to make (Norwegian mittens from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Almanac) involve colorwork, I figured I could learn two things at once. How to make a mitten and how to do colorwork. Swift, right?

Right. I’m not sure this is going well.

These are my swatches which have since been ripped to work on the real thing. Although to be honest this one might get ripped too. The white yarn is substantially larger than the blue yarn, which is a bummer. I had this grand vision of a gradually changing blue background with a bright white snowflake. I can’t tell if it’s working or not though. I suppose I could always go in search of thinner white wool yarn. Incidently, the gauge is off as well, at 6.5 st/in instead of 6 as the pattern calls for. But it fits my hand and that’s the point, right? (Er.. I suppose I should have washed them. Hmm.)

The swatches look okay in the pictures, but what I’m working on right now really does not look so hot. I’m also finding it a huge pain in the arse to execute. Clearly I must be doing something wrong because there’s a LOT of colorwork out there. Would people really do this if it was this much of an annoyance??

But fear not! Friday I am seeing a friend who is a goddess among colorwork knitters and she shall show me the light! I hope.

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  1. Jenn says:

    I’m feeling the colorwork itch, but I’m afraid to try because it looks so hard even though people tell me it’s not that bad at all. I guess I need to just grab some needles and try it. Maybe that will be my New Years Resolution! 😀

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