Urban Craft Uprising

I went to Urban Craft Uprising this week and I wanted to tell you about the jewels I found there! Not real jewels, obviously, but crafty works of art!

I suppose the first should be the one I actually bought something from! I’m stingy, so that’s saying something. I really should take a picture of this, but it’ll be days before I post anything if I do that, so words will have to suffice.

I bought a pendant from Three 4 Ten. According to their Etsy site, Urban Craft Uprising was their debut! Congratulations! It certainly seemed a success, their booth was thronged.

The pendant I bought was a) reasonably priced, amd b) beautiful, obviously. It’s a double sided 1″x3″ necklace, one side is a large pattern turquoise and brown, the other side a smaller more delicate pattern in turquoise and silver. I assume the insides are paper, but I suppose they could be hand drawn. But for the price I doubt it! The edge looks like hammered silver. Needless to say it’s very pretty, and double duty with two sides! Love it.

ETA: I found time to edit some pictures! Expect prettier entries soon 🙂

My absolute favorite find, whom I will be stalking at future shows, is Fused Glass House. I was so gobsmacked I couldn’t make up my mind which was my favorite design, so I didn’t get anything. I hate it when that happens! Seriously, there were at least 5 pendants and 3 sets of earrings that I was drooling over and I just couldn’t make up my mind. Brown and turquoise? Green and purple? Red and baby blue? The ones I liked had a solid or mostly solid (but some with glitter!) background, some slashes of other colors, and another primary color in circles or smudges. They suggested flowers without definitely being such. I love that. Their website isn’t up yet but should be soon and I will be visiting often. I need one of these sets.

My next favorite was Fernworks. Specifically, this pendant. I think it’s glass again, handpainted with a wood backing. Some of the pendants were amazing, three dimensional almost, with painting done on several levels. There was one with a telephone pole in the background (looking up), then some birds mid-level, then some grass blades and more birds on the top level. Just beautiful. Makes me think of my sister-in-law for some reason. Perhaps it’s the photographic quality of the painting.

Another favorite was Glamscience: handmade glitter goods. How can you not be intrigued by “handmade glitter goods”? I actually would have bought a pendant or small charm as a zipper pull (idea from Not Martha) if there had been any purple ones, but supply was low since I visited on Sunday instead of Saturday. Fortunately her website IS working so I can browse it at my leisure. Very cute stuff.

The first thing I saw when I walked in the door was LuCoo Clothing by Amy Laybourn. Specifically, the dinosaur hoodie (or is a sea monster? Hard to tell). Just such a cute concept. Unfortunately the lad is a bit opinionated about his clothing and I just thought he wouldn’t wear it, no matter how much mommy likes it. So I let it go. But terribly cute stuff, especially if you have a maliable newborn!

Finally, there was Spincycle Yarns out of Bellingham. They had some beautiful stuff. The yarns were super scrumptious, but I couldn’t make my up mind there either. Without a project in mind, I decided it was best not to take anything home with me. I couldn’t decide on any as a gift either. Nevertheless, something to keep an eye out for in future fairs!

And that, ladies and gents, was my Urban Craft Uprising adventure. Fun times! Now if next time the weather permits taking the bus instead of paying for parking.

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