A do-able advent calendar

I have forgotten where I originally saw the link back to Martha Stewart’s sock advent calendar, but seriously, how cute is that?!

Too cute. That’s how cute that is.

Obviously we’re not doing that this year since it’s December 2nd and I only just saw it and anyway haven’t the time! (Besides we already have the Lego advent calendar — also very cool. Did you know Lego people fit on Thomas trains?)

But next year? Very do-able. For starters, you don’t have to bother making pairs of socks. No second sock syndrome! You can make 24 different pairs, different sizes, different yarns, different patterns, different cutenesses. Love it.

Last year I babbled on a bit about an advent calendar that I loved and I wanted to do something similar but out of felt, and while I still think this is a noble and worthy idea, it ain’t gonna happen soon. But this is a real possibility for next year. Yay!

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