February Baby Sweater

I just started the February Baby Sweater from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Almanac. It’s for my friend whose baby is due in something like four weeks! Eek!

I have to admit this pattern is kicking my butt. The BSJ was such fun to knit I thought, SURE, I’ll do another EZ baby sweater! This one looks great for little girls, I think, with the lacey bit.

Well. I’ve had to rip the garter stitch top more than once. I got gauge with size 7 needles so started with that, and it was looking huge! So I started again with size 5s — much better. I decided to try the recommended M1 (make one) stitch and I don’t like it, so I was trying my best to hide it on the back side, which I kept screwing up. Sigh.

Then we got to the lace part. For some reason this pattern is not so intuitive to me, although it’s getting better. But it is sloooow going. I decided to do the sleeves in the round per brooklyn tweed, which I know I’m going to be thankful for when it comes to the end, but right now I’m cursing that decision. Getting those sleeves on DPNs and figuring out where I was in the pattern was no fun, and then picking up was also challenging for some reason. I’ve also had to ladder back several rows to fix buttonholes and missed yarnovers. I also have extra yarnovers that I’ve had to drop. Honestly.

Thankfully, though, I’m finally onto the body which should be easy going, if not fast. I do think it looks nice, though, and I hope to have it finished soon!

Incidently, the yarn is Dark Horse Yarns Fantasy and it’s pretty nice. Acrylic, but soft and not squeaky, completely washable/dryable and not-shrinkable. Easy care for my non-knitting mama friend! I hope she likes it 🙂

ETA: See that bag underneath the sweater? That’s my newest “project bag”, an idea courtesy of Megan! It’s just a fat quarter (which are v. cheap) folded in half and sewn up with some ribbon for closure. I like it a LOT. Reminds me of the GoKnit pouches, admittedly without all the bells and whistles, but prettier!

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