Play Bacon

I’ve been wanting to make the child some play food for quite a while. I never manage to prioritize it, however, so I never actually do it despite having great ideas.

However, the lad got a play kitchen for his birthday. He has one set of wooden food plus the kitchen itself came with a frying pan and a hot dog (deemed sausage in our house, I can’t remember the last time I ate a hot dog!).

The child has enjoyed cooking his sausage (heh) so very much that I thought he really, REALLY needed some more play food. Since his favoritest favorite food in the world is bacon, I thought I’d make some. How hard could it be?

Well.. not that hard! You may notice this is crochet. I figured it would be faster, and I was right. I did both of these inside half an hour, probably. I suck at crocheting but I figured the Boo wouldn’t notice. Plus it totally sticks inside his velcro bread for a bacon butty. Gotta indoctrinate them early, right?

H suggested (after I finished them) that it would be great to have one felted.. you know, before and after cooking. Well it would have been great if I had grabbed white wool instead of white acrylic. Oops. I was digging in my scrap heap, not my good wool drawer! However I do actually have white wool and I bought some red wool on sale so there may yet be some felted bacon in our future. H also suggested only felting the white since it shrinks more than the red, thusly requiring red that is not wool. Which I also have on hand. Long live the stash! Incidently, clever man, my husband. Apparently he’s been paying attention 🙂

Mmm, bacon. (That picture was a whole lot bigger but I thought perhaps I shouldn’t assault your vision with my pores and taste buds. I guess high resolution can be a bad thing!)

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  1. Jenni says:

    Isn’t it everyone’s favorite food? Everything’s better with bacon.

    What a cool project!

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