Want Christmas fabric?

Got Christmas fabric!

I sauntered off to the craft store this weekend all by my lonesome. The child was not pleased about this, but I pointed out to him that I can’t shop very well when he runs away all the time. I’m not sure that this made any sense to him, but it relieved me of any guilt!

Most of this will be used for Christmas Sacks. H’s family has this charming tradition of Father Christmas’ sack of pressies showing up Christmas morning for the kiddos. Of course by the time I came around all pretense of Santa had passed and the presents under the tree were whisked into sacks for the official opening time, but still.

Last year H mentioned it would be nice to have sacks so that we could crawl back into bed to open presents. After all, the child does get up remarkably early, Christmas or otherwise. Last year I believe we were lying on the floor while the kiddo played with wrapping paper. So I’m trying to oblige.

My current plan is to make something akin to a pillowcase. There may or may not be ties as closures and there may or may not be names on them. I think we’ll be lucky if I can pull my act together in time to do the actual sacks! Ultimately though I’d like to have the sacks plus some patchwork on the top with names. I should try and procure some felted wool to do the letters — me and applique don’t get along so much.

So that’s the plan.. we’ll see how it goes! The scraps, of course, can be made into a million different things. Christmas pincushions? Puzzle balls? Rag dolls? Miniature stockings for a doll house? Random placemats? Seriously, the possibilities are endless. God I love sewing.

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