Happy Birthday to me!

I’ve noticed two strange things about birthdays as I get older.

  1. I’m not as bothered about mine quite as much. Presents are obviously always good, but on the whole, it’s just another day. I vacuumed on my birthday and cleaned up cat puke. No big deal.
  2. On the other hand, my son’s birthday is a BIG DEAL!

Is this because I’m just getting old? Or because I have a kid? Ah well.. either way, birthdays can be fun 🙂 I may have vacuumed but I also took my kid out to get fancy cupcakes which is all sorts of good!

So, for my birthday which was a few days ago, many assorted and lovely things magically appeared in my house (my boy hand-picked a cinnamon apple candle for me! How did he know I lurve those?) What I want to talk about today though are two SEWING BOOKS! Yay! They are: Amy Karol’s Bend the Rules Sewing, and Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts. These images are all from the patchwork book (from the purlbee website) because they’re gorgeous and my heart beats faster just looking at them. COLOR!

The Bend the Rules book is exciting because it actually tells me how to sew. I say I know how to sew, but really I don’t. I learned from my mom (not to belittle my mom’s sewing skills, it’s all my fault) but for some reason I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type sewer (and crafter in general, actually) and I never listened. So now I “know” how to sew, but really I don’t. Like how I recently figured out that pre-washing and ironing are actually really important. Hello.

Anyway the point is that this book tells me what I need to know in exactly the way I want to hear it, i.e. this stuff is actually really important, the rest you can fudge. Hurrah for that! (Incidently she says to replace sewing machine needles often. Really often. Every project often. I never do this. Hmm.)

The other point is that I know how I learn, which is by doing. I figure I can do the projects in this book and learn quite a lot. Fortunately they’re all quite cute — maybe I’ll finally get around to making that apron I’ve been wanting!

Now, Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts is a different animal. It’s the sort of book that has projects in it that I’m not sure I will ever technically achieve. Check out this color wheel quilt. Very happy, simple, yet strangely complicated. Fortunately Purl sells a rainbow pack of fabrics which will save me a helluva lot of time. And incidently I should have enough fabric left over to do the other projects shown on this post! Gotta love that. Scraps are good.

The problem with this quilt is that it’s big — 56″ square I think. I can’t imagine actually using it as a quilt — it’s white! — but I think a 2 or 3 square foot wall hanging would be divine in a craft room, maybe used intermittently as a baby blanket with a black and white border? I haven’t a clue how to resize it though. Surely it’s some sort of math. Will have to ponder that one.

Finally, check it out — Kathy’s pencil roll is in here! Having already taken a class from the designer I do actually already know how to do this. But still, what better incentive than these pretty pictures? I can’t help but think these would be awesome christmas presents for our little playgroup friends, but the likelihood of actually finishing something like this is quite small. Still — it’s beautiful and my Boo, at least, needs one 🙂 Yes I’ve already made one, but my crochet hooks live there, thank you very much! I still want to make a multicolored one for pencils for him.

So there you go! My brain is currently a-tumble with sewing projects. Unfortunately I’ve found I need at least 3 hours dedicated time to do any sort of sewing, and this is a rare thing to find. Not to mention I have other sewing projects on my chalkboard as well. Sooo… don’t expect to see anything soon. I’ll be thinking lots, but probably not doing much about it! Oh well. Happy birthday to me anyway!

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday to me!

  1. eek says:

    Happy birthdaaaaaaaay!

  2. Jenn says:

    I knew it was your birthday the other day because I saw the cute little cake icon on your Ravelry avatar! Happy Birthday, belatedly!

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