What happens when you take my boy to a fabric shop

I popped into a fabric shop today with the child (I was actually planning on him being asleep, but that failed) for some secret Christmas shopping. This particular store has a small selection of toys so I hoped I could find something quickly. I did happen to find something I think will work, but that’s not why I’m writing.

The reason I’m writing is that my boy did really well out of this shopping trip! Look what he picked out:

Who knew they made train fabric??

Not me! Actually what he saw first was fire engine fabric. Again, I ask you, who knew?! We got this though because it was a stack of train fat quarters and fat quarters are always useful. And it’s trains. The boy likes trains. Besides, my boy was asking for fabric. What was I supposed to do?! Obviously buy the boy some fabric!

I’ve been pondering what to do with it when he’s done playing — and he’s been playing with it all afternoon. Mostly he opens up the steam engine and diesel engine pieces and just talks about the trains. Some of the steam engines lack tenders. Oh no!

I’ve thought of a small patchwork pillow, a tote bag, or a very small quilt. Actually I’m quite interested in getting more and making a bigger quilt. We’ll see!

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