Christmas Crunch

I’m suddenly in a Christmas Knitting Crunch! How did that happen??

Well it happened because a) I’m lazy (ETA: I realized later this is not entirely true.. I forgot that I’ve been feeling pretty bad for the last three months and just haven’t felt like knitting! Fortunately that is lifting 🙂 and b) some of our relatives live in the UK. I usually like to have the international items finished before Thanksgiving so as to allow plenty of time for the parcels to make their way over the pond.

Unfortunately I am not nearly as done as I should be by now! SIL’s socks were getting close until last night when I realized I had done the heel all wrong, so I had to rip back and then spend two hours trying to figure out how I did the first heel. Ugh. Those aren’t even Christmas presents, they just better damn well be done before then! I haven’t even started on other gifts.. good grief. Suddenly I’m in a panic!

Truth is I started something for myself that if it works I wanted to have it done for Turkey Day, but a) I’m not sure it’s working and b) I’m not sure I have enough yarn so c) I really should just give up and concentrate on Christmas stuff. Right. Back to those socks!!

P.S. I won’t even mention how behind I am on Christmas shopping. I usually like Christmas shopping. What’s wrong with me?

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