Fun at the yarn shop

Boo and I made a yarn shop run today, and it wasn’t a disaster! You see, last week at the Boo’s music class, I drove a direction I don’t normally go, and wouldn’t you know it, there was a yarn shop just a few blocks away! Who knew?!So, of course, I informed the boy that the following week we were going for a little walk after class to explore the area. After all, there are also a ton of little cafes and other shops on this stretch of road that need researching! But mostly the yarn shop šŸ™‚

Therefore after class today we duly walked. First to Starbucks for the requisite bribery of chocolate milk, and on to the yarn shop. Pretty much as soon as we walked in the door the Boo declared that he “didn’t like this house” and wanted to leave. I coaxed him into looking around some more (“Look at all those colors! Which ones do you like?” motioning him to the wall of Cascade 220). Then he discovered the box of Legos.

Well, hello, this is brilliant. He played with those little Lego cars for.. gosh, it seemed for a very long time! I actually got to browse a bit, pick the brain of the shop attendant for some possible yarn choices for a future non-wool sweater, and my favorite bit, looking through the massive wall of yarn books. Actually sit down and knit a bit. He just didn’t want to leave! Alright, we’ll stay then, pull my arm why don’t you!

The most brilliant part of all, though, was when the Boo spotted the squirrel and hedgehog patterns, shown off deliciously in 3D as a HUGE brown hedgehog and pink squirrel. They were fabulous. I instantly wanted the squirrel and he was going gaga over the hedgehog. The funny part is that the squirrel pattern was sitting right there, but the hedgehog was not, so I said we had to ask about that. He immediately ran over to the yarn lady and started asking her for the hedgehog pattern. Of course he often still needs to be translated so she looked totally lost, but it was still so cute! He was just babbling about this hedgehog.

Anyway, the patterns were obtained and we scampered off home to pick out yarn (I have plenty of wool in my stash). The boy wants a blue hedgehog and an orange squirrel. Who am I to argue with such brilliance? Besides.. I’m such a sucker for my boy asking me to make him things. Happy happy!

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