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Sigh. Rusted Root has been returned to yarn. Sometimes¬† you just have to face facts. When I tried it this last time, it was clearly too big. TOO BIG. Can you believe that? The arms, which are supposed to be … Continue reading

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WIP: Christmas knitting ensues

It’s September. I’ve barely begun to think about Christmas shopping — and this isn’t a good thing. I like to be done E-A-R-L-Y! Christmas shopping stresses me out. In order to attempt to keep myself sane, I’m only promising myself … Continue reading

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Bitching about Widdershins

My sister-in-law mentioned she’d like some handknit socks, so of course I wanted to make some for her! Share the love, if you will. I knew we’d see her on vacation, so I thought it would be fantastic to get … Continue reading

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