WIP: Good crafty aunt and some yarn in timeout

I’ve been working on making up for being a bad crafty aunt! Look at the cuteness I have for the girls:

The bag on the right was actually my first ever felted bag. In fact it’s too felted and a little too thick and small to actually use. I went ahead and lined it and then it occured to me I could give it to the girls! Perfect toddler size! Er, but I would need two. So I made another with different yarn (thus one is wider than the other) and wallah. Two bags for the girls. Hurrah!

I also finished off the second dress:

This is using the Sunny Day Dress Tutorial from House on Hill Road. It uses elastic thread for the shirring. Who knew such a thing was possible? One is bigger than the other, something which I cannot explain. Actually the pink one looks ridiculously small. I hope they fit! If they don’t maybe they’ll fit on a doll??

However other than these efforts, my knitting is still not going well. I ripped the sidewinder sock after it was clearly not going to work (yet again) so I decided to try again with my STR in a colorway I’ve been lusting after forever, called Barney Rubble. However the yarn is not behaving. One side is beautiful.. blues and yellows and greens.

The other side has a huge, ginormous, pink….. STAIN on it. I can think of no other word for it.

Of course it’s not actually a stain, it’s the pink in the yarn. This is called pooling, and usually pooling doesn’t bother me. But this just looks awful. I’ve tried different stitch counts, different size needles, nothing seems to make a difference! So this yarn is in timeout until I can figure out what to do with it. Blah.

I did do one other useful thing this week:

This card uses all fabric and no stamps, which is something I haven’t done for a while! I should have done something different with the rickrack to keep it from shredding, but too late for that. This is a birthday card for a friend who’s Hawaiian and I’m sure she misses the ocean stuck inland as she is.

Anyway! That’s it. I’m feeling the need to focus more on family and simpler things for the moment, crafting is stressing me out. I’ve started a scarf and I want to try some more socks, but the reports might cease for a bit. Phew.

P.S. No, Alisha, I did not shave my legs just for the above photographs 😛

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