WIP: Blah and Whee!

First of all, the baby sweater (Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman) is done done done! Here’s a quick peek:

I’ll talk more about it later once I’ve uploaded more photos. It was really an incredible knit, I loved it! I wish the pink popped more in this particular yarn, but oh well. I want to make a blue/brown version as well 🙂

And now for the blah: I started those Sidewinder Socks again earlier this week. My number 2 needles were freed up from finishing the baby sweater, so I decided to re-commence with them. To re-cap, last time I had an uber-tight gauge with size 1s (despite swatching and getting gauge with 1s), plus my decreases and increases were awful.

Well this time my gauge was incredibly loose: 26 stitches over 4 inches, to be exact. The foot section before even doing the toe was already at my toes and the top part reached almost to knee high level. For God’s sake!

So I ripped them out. Again. I’m going to try ONE MORE TIME on 1s and then I’m shelving it. Strangely though I really want some socks on the needles so if those don’t look like they’re working I’ll pick something else!

In light of that crapness (and the inability to make booties), I started on something else that just can’t be that hard. A bag from a couple skeins of “recycled sari silk” that I received as a gift. So far it’s looking good, but there’s not much to it, so not a lot to talk about. It’s a bag out of my head but inspired by the Noro Kureyon Lotorp Bag. I wonder if I’ll need to line it?

Aside from sewing the reusable sandwich wrap (which is working brilliantly, by the way), that’s about it! I have a lot of sewing to do; I really should get on that.

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