Open Source Sewing

I just ran across BurdaStyle’s newly updated website which styles itself as “open source sewing” (via Adorn Blog). This obviously caught my eye since the phrase “open source” is oft-used in my house.

At first I was suspicious.. do they really mean open source? Although I haven’t signed up yet, this line gives me hope:

And most importantly, we want you to get involved: We’re offering our ideas, expertise and downloadable patterns to the BurdaStyle community, and we hope that you’ll contribute, too.

And then I thought about it for a few more minutes. There are actually many features of the online crafting community that could be considered open source. Many people post their own original patterns and designs on their blogs. People who read those blogs then take those designs and make their own versions — often with their own tweaks and changes to suit their needs. Rarely does anyone get pissy about a “stolen” design, most people seem to think it’s great people are making things at all. What’s lacking is a central location, a repository, if you will, to house these designs and track changes to the pattern, or forks, to keep the comparison going.

I wonder how this BurdaStyle website will function? I’m looking forward to joining and checking it out. If nothing else, I’ve been looking for a sewing community to get some wisdom and ideas from, so at the very least it should serve that purpose for me! I love the idea of people being about to contribute and track patterns — I wonder how the Burda website will grow? I wonder if BurdaStyle will fill a similar need as Ravelry has done for knitting and crochet?

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  1. Megan says:

    I’m back on your blog! It works w/IE again, I had a lot of catching up to do!

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