Selfish Knitter

I’ve come to the realization lately that I’m a selfish knitter. I’m a bad aunt as I haven’t made much for my nieces, I’ve hardly made much for my son (and what I have made was purely for self-gratification), and I have only made a hat for my honey. My mother is utterly and completely neglected. I apparently like to focus on myself. Selfish!

Then you get into the world of “swaps” and “secret pals” and things like that. I generally don’t do these for two reasons: 1) I just don’t feel my skills are up to making something for someone else that I don’t know. At least if I screw up and it’s for me, I know that I can live with it or I can rip it. It would have to be perfect for a complete stranger. 2) I hardly have time to make stuff for my nearest and dearest, much less someone I’ve only ever met on the internet. And then I suppose there’s a third reason. People put a lot of thought into these swap packages!

I see these packages all over the place — people will post pictures of what they received from their swap buddy and people are usually thrilled. A great deal of attention seems to go into these packages. Not only are the subjects of the swap included (say socks or non-wool yarn or aprons or doll quilts or… you get the idea), but then there is usually other stuff. Chocolate, cards, beads, stitch markers, whatever they think their partner would like. Even the packaging seems to be incredibly detailed! Way beyond what I’m capable at the moment. My family is lucky if they get wrapping paper.

And then there’s another aspect of my selfishness. Clubs. Sock yarn clubs are the most predominant, but I’ve also seen fiber clubs for spinners (not that I’m a spinner — yet). And I just…. can’t bear the thought. They cost a good chunk of money and I can’t help but think, what if I don’t like the colors?? I would much rather take that money and spend it on yarn I am absolutely certain I will love. I know a lot of people build stashes for the helluva it, figuring the yarn will come in handy for someone at some time. And I’m sure it will. But me? I’m selfish. I want to pick my yarn out myself. I know the sock yarn colorways are exclusive to the clubs and that if I therefore fall in love with a particular colorway I can’t get it because I’m not a member of the club… but oh well. I already have lots of sock yarn upstairs that I love already and haven’t used yet. I think I’ll survive.

So there you go. I’m a selfish knitter. I am trying to do better though.. my sister-in-laws will hopefully have some knitted gifts one day this year.. or the next 😉

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  1. Robin says:

    Glad to see I am not the only selfish knitter! Not only do I not make things for other people, I am also obsessed with knitting baby and toddler things, and I don’t ever have my own children to knit them for. We should start a club…’s to the selfish knitters……those who knit just to knit!

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