WIP: The one where the booties eat my head

This week hasn’t been so good. My knitting mojo has taken a vacation, I think. Perhaps it is somewhere nice and cool. Melbourne? Amsterdam? Somewhere nice, I hope. Although I’d like it to come home soon. I miss it.

Anyway. I’ve been working on some baby booties for some friends and the baby booties I picked out are just not working. Here are two separate efforts:

These are supposed to be “pirate booties.” The one on the left was my first effort. These are stash yarns and the red is the wrong gauge. Wrong enough that I was worried it wouldn’t go around said baby’s foot. Since I don’t have a baby to test this out on, I went and bought new red yarn of the same gauge to try again. See that bootie on the right? I used smaller needles and it turned out larger. WTF??

These booties are honestly such a huge PITA I couldn’t bear to do them yet again. I do think if I use size 1s or 0s they would be okay, but dammit. They suck to seam. So I decided to save my sanity and just do something else:

They are cute enough, I think. Just not pirate cute :(. Nevertheless what took me one week per booties above, took two days for this one. Clearly, a winner. Plus, this is the same pattern I used for one set of the Boo’s booties (although I didn’t do the laces for the Boo, but I like them here.. aren’t they cute?) and I know they not only fit, but stay on, which is a feat when it comes to babies. Therefore, these are the winner. I should have the other done soon.

Damn I hope these folks don’t read my blog. I’m fairly sure they don’t 🙂

In other news, I have been working on another baby pressie, but I know for sure this lady reads this blog at least every once in a while, so I can only give you a glimpse of this deliciousness:

Purty, eh? I can’t wait to talk more about this pattern. Lurve it! I have to finish this up and give it to the baby mama first though.

And…. that’s it. It’s hot. I’m always sweaty. I’m grumpy. I have zero patience. My sewing projects aren’t working out either. Maybe I should take up ice sculpture.

P.S. Sorry for the crappy pictures. The flash made everything really bright!

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2 Responses to WIP: The one where the booties eat my head

  1. Sarah says:

    I love those booties! With the heatwave seattle just had that is all I was doing was booties from the 50 baby booties book.

  2. We read your blog 😉


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