Didn’t get around to making an apron

The newest entries for Tie One On are up, and they are fabulous! The multiple pockets, fish eating hand, and little purse are my favorites.

The theme was pockets, and same as last time, my idea wasn’t represented. I wanted to do a brown half-apron with blue/brown log cabin or crazy quilting squares for the pockets and tie. Since I have all this blue/brown fabric, after all.

I’m not at all inspired by the next month’s topic, so at least that’s a weight off the shoulders for a while. I still really want to make one, especially since I’ve been cooking more and keep wiping my hands on my pants! As it is, it will have to wait because I have one more dress to make as well as three shirts for me waiting in the wings, not to mention dust covers for my machines as well as some more bags! Sewing just takes so much more time and effort than knitting. I should go back to declaring some days sewing days and that is that!

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