WIP Report: Stripey vest getting there, but not without pain.

First up, Boo’s stripey vest is progressing:

It would have been done faster but for my being stumped on how to bind off for the armholes when knitting in the round. The pattern is written flat and I’ve altered it to be in the round, so it was all me trying to figure it out. The easy way would have been to just divide it in half and follow instructions as written. However, I was smack on the verge of a stripe change and I thought it would look crap to have one side obviously have more rows than the other. Plus I liked the idea of the symmetry of all of the bindoffs being on the same row. So I played around with that for a few days. Eventually got something that seems to have worked. Then the head hole was bordering on too small so I redid that, now I am worried that the armhole is too big, but the Boo refused to try it on today to confirm this, so I dunno. If he won’t try it on soon I’ll just do the other side however my gut says and go with it.

Other than that, all knitting is pretty much where it was before. I’m over halfway through the upper section of the Rusted Root top, whoopdeedo.

On the other hand, I totally did some sewing this week!

This is the first of (hopefully) two dresses for the nieces. (Clo, if you see this, please don’t panic at all the pink! I can explain!) I wrote more about it on the Craft Tutorials Blog. I don’t really have anyone to try it on properly so I just hope it fits! If not.. oh well. It’s a good experiment. It’s hard making clothes for people you don’t live near 😦

And finally, I managed to stupidly slice open the top part of my left index finger today. This finger is rather integral to knitting, so the knitting may be slow for a few days. Slower than normal, that is. At least that gives me a chance to catch up on some computer work, eh? Maybe there will be a decent blog header in my future!

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