WIP Report: two weeks worth!

First of all, my CPH is nearly done! Nearly, as in I’m weaving in the ends. Otherwise it is D-O-N-E DONE! Er, well, then I need to order a zipper, but <i>besides that</i>. DONE! Here it is in all its crumpled glory. Obviously it still needs to be blocked. Best part? It totally fits.


I needed the needle that I was using for Rusted Root to finish the CPH (looong button band), so that went on waste yarn. Since it was suddenly not 24″ circumference, I decided to try it on. Not looking bad!

Rusted Root at the first try

I’m a wee bit worried that the neckline is going to feel too tight, but the arms look spot on which is good.

I finally started for real on the stripey vest for the Boo (Funky Tank Top from Adorable Knits for Tots) and it’s going swimmingly. I decided to do it in the round as I don’t like all those ends on stripes, and I’m already at the armpits! The Boo appears to love all of the colors and keeps telling me about them, so that obviously bodes well. This might be done really quickly! I should do baby knits more often.

Stripey Vest for Boo

I also started something else new last night, following the drama with not knowing if the stripey vest would fit (incidently, we tried it on this morning and it does. Yay!). This is the Moebius Cowl by Cat Bordhi. The moebius obsession continues!

Moebius Cowl

This yarn is very special. It’s one of three skeins my friends gave me when we lost Abigail. To boot, it’s cashmere, so as you might expect, it’s particularly yummy to knit with. I don’t know when I’ll finish knitting memorials, but I’m not going to worry about it right now.

Finally, with the sidewinders frogged, I’m back to swatching. This week’s swatch (what, Nona does one a day and I do one a week — what can I say?) is Classic Elite Classic Silk and all I can say is I <i>need</i> something made out of this. I’m not kidding. This and the Jo Sharp Aran Silkroad are the most divine yarns I’ve ever touched. I don’t know what quite yet (Rogue for the Jo Sharp? Shapely Tee for the Classic Silk?) but someday. Yum. Now to find them on sale…

In other crafty endeavours, I’ve been sewing! Not doing it well, but sewing nonetheless. I hope to have something to show for it soon. After I find my seam ripper.

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