The beauty that is the internet, or how to obtain pattern corrections

I haven’t talked about Ravelry yet, I don’t think. In short, Ravelry is freakin’ awesome. It’s a “knitting and crochet community” that puts everything I have been searching for online all in one place. Pattern suggestions, yarn suggestions, and most importantly, seeing other people’s versions of said patterns and yarns. I search for these sorts of things on a regular basis, especially if I am thinking about using a certain pattern. Ravelry has all of this in one place. Plus, there’s a “queue” for future projects, a “favorites” section sort of like Flickr, and a forum. I’m not a big forum person, but it’s going to be a great resource. I’m so happy Ravelry exists! You know my queue is already ridiculously long. Fortunately you can organize and prioritize it.

Anyway. I mention all of this because Loopy Knitter sent me a message about my Funky Tank Top aka Stripey Vest for Boo. Currently this top is in my “WIP projects list” (you know why I really love this place, right? It’s all lists. It’s all about the lists.) and I had complained that I was having trouble getting gauge and eventually gave up and just winged it with what I had. Lo and behold she had posted about this very top and turns out there are errata, posted by DebbieKnitter, not only for this top, but also for the pirate sweater I want to make.

Holy Crap, people. I emailed the publishers about errata a long time ago when I got the book, because the reviews mentioned a lot of people having trouble. I never heard back, and that’s pretty much the last I thought of it. The Robin Hood Jacket did just fine. This gauge problem though… I thought maybe it was me until I noticed the pirate sweater was the same yarn with the same needles but different gauge. Tell me how that’s possible? So, that’s when I decided to just go for it.

Unfortunately for me, I figured since I was knitting bigger than the stated gauge I should go down a size, so I’m currently making the 1-2 year size instead of the 2-3 year size. Hmm. I suspect I should put this puppy on some waste yarn and see how it fits the Boo before I rip it. He IS a pretty skinny little kid. On the bright side I’ve gotten up to the armpits inside of two days, so I’m not going to stress about it if I decide to rip!

Anyway! The point of this post is 1) a HUGE thank you to Loopy Knitter for messaging me on Ravelry, 2) a big thank you for the knitting community and Ravelry even existing, and 3) I need to join the chorus of voices asking Zoe Mellor “Heeelllllllooooo! Where are you?” Because seriously? I could do without the stress. It’s not like I didn’t look for errata or didn’t do a gauge swatch in the first place. In this case? Me == good knitter, Publisher == bad communicators, keeping errata a secret like that!

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2 Responses to The beauty that is the internet, or how to obtain pattern corrections

  1. Liane says:

    hey cool site. dude I am still on the waiting list for ravelry. you are already a member? and crap, yes we are moving. first up is a road trip down there to find an apt. LOL

  2. Jennifer says:

    I was happy to help! I know how frustrating these errata issues have been for me, so I sent you a message right away. I hope you keep trying on the stripey vest!

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