Sassy Sidewinders: My Perpensockular Problems

Weeeelllll…. so my socks didn’t quite work out. I got up to Act IV where you do the grafting and tried to stretch the thing around my foot and, well, clearly it wasn’t going to work. I actually started guessing it wasn’t going to fit a while back, but figured I wouldn’t know what to fix without finishing it.

Don’t they look insane?! I do think this pattern is brilliant. The double garter in particular has me tickled. Any problems I’ve encountered are entirely mine. Namely, that this pattern has highlighted two knitting inadequacies I didn’t know I had. My increases and decreases suck to a magnificent degree. Witness:

This is the biggest one. This is the first decrease which creates one side of the heel. Ridiculously loose. Look at this laddering!

Then my increases were ridiculously tight. Also, I managed to have the wrong number of stitches for the foot by this point so did some bad finagling to get the right number here. Bad finagling plus bad increasing doth not a pretty toe make.

Although I do have to say the toe is genius. I love that little pocket! The decreases did improve marginally for the other side of the toe.

But then the other side of the heel. Good grief. Tight, tight, tight.

So what’s a girl to do? I tried to stretch it around my foot at this point but it so wasn’t happening. Then I thought, hmm, let’s check gauge. Insert maniacal laughter here. 33 stitches by 47 rows!! It’s supposed to be 30×40! I GOT 30×40 on my gauge swatch so I’m rather miffed. This is the first time a gauge swatch has lied to me. Maybe it’s because I’ve been a wee bit stressed and pissy lately? Can one blame their knitting problems on hormones?

Nevertheless, the sucker is way too small. And honestly, besides that, I was guessing it would be too small anyway because I really wear a 10/11, not 9/10. However so far the socks I’ve made to actually fit my foot feel rather large. So I was hoping a smaller size would fit better. As it is, my foot is neither normal nor wide. It’s somewhere in between with a normal to wide ball but a narrow heel, but then stupidly wide calves. So. Hmm.

I do want to try again — after all the pattern was quite fun to knit, and I adore how the yarn was working out. In fact I was practically salivating at the reverse stockinette:

I think I’ll buy some size 2 circs (which means waiting on this for a little while until I acquire said needles), add some stitches to the foot length, and try again with the wide size.

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2 Responses to Sassy Sidewinders: My Perpensockular Problems

  1. Megan Dunn says:

    You aren’t going to rip it out are you? Christmas is just around the corner, give them away to someone!

  2. Wendy says:

    I tried that sock and like you did the gauge swatch and was right on. I got half way done with the sock and decided out of whim to measure the gauge and got 26st/4 inches…way too big.

    I wear a size 10. Maybe we should finish the socks and then send them to each other…ha ha.

    I agree that the sock pattern is brilliant and fun and addicting, too bad it didn’t work out for either of us. I have my hopes on trying a different yarn.

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