WIP: Bear and socks

I actually have some pictures today! First up, socks. On a whim and because I found the idea fascinating and because it was a five part tutorial that I thought I might actually be able to keep up with and because I thought maybe my stripey sock yarn might look good, I started Nona’s Sidewinders sock pattern. So far I’m totally stoked. Check it out:

LOOK how nicely the foot is striping!!

I am totally lovin’ this yarn. It’s Lorna’s Laces in Sassy Stripe (that would be hot pink and yellow). I’ve never used it before but I can see why people gush on about it. Plus? It’s superwash, which means it can go in the washing machine, and it’s very soft and somewhat silky. I’m using size 1 circulars, another first for knitting socks seeing as I’ve only used DPNs before. Obviously DPNs would not work on a sideways sock though. (I totally see a Jungle Stripe sock in my future — that would be green and purple. YUM!)

That said, I haven’t been able to keep up with the tutorial although I’m hoping to catch up tonight. I got sidetracked by getting more yarn for the bear. I did the finishing last night:

And did the felting today:

This wool felts beautifully and I’m very pleased. It’s nice and thick. I suspect it will take a few days to dry fully, so the bear won’t be done by Saturday as I had hoped. But that’s okay. Like I said, I don’t exactly have a deadline. It might even be the size I was envisioning and so be able to wear one of Bea’s dresses. Insert sigh here.

Let’s see, what else. I haven’t worked on the CPH at all which means the hood is still about 4″ up. I don’t feel guilty in the slightest about this. It’ll happen when it happens. Rusted Root is chugging along at about the rate that would give a continental crust a run for its money. My god. So much for thinking a shirt would go faster than a sweater. I also screwed up the lace panel and had to rip that part back three rows, but I managed to only rip back the lace panel and leave the rest alone. Yay for me!

And finally, I’m still swatching for Boo’s tank top. I cannot get gauge. Screw it. I’m washing the swatch I’ve got and will decide which needle size to go with after that. I so want to get that going, it’s going to be so cute!

I’m still thinking about lace shawls. (And a big Thank You for all the comments!) I’m pondering taking a pair of socks for SIL and a lace shawl on vacay when we visit the fam. But I dunno if I’m that brave. I know Elizabeth Zimmerman says this is an entirely appropriate travel project, but EZ is often dwelling on a different planet than I.

Oh one more thing. Mi mama is visiting next week, so I doubt there will be much crafting going on. And then after that I really hope to get cracking on some sewing! I have some refashioning to do!

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  1. nonaKnits says:

    Your stripey Lorna’s Laces is perfect for the Sidewinders, which by the way are looking good!

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