Got gauge! And running out of yarn…

Two things today:

1. Nonaknits has developed a “sideways” sock pattern. This means instead of knitting a tube, you knit up and down the length of your foot/leg. This is intriguing and I’m curious how it’ll look with striped yarns.

See, I have a problem with stripey yarns. I love the colors but I think they look best in stockinette and, well, most of the sock patterns I’m particularly drawn to are more intricate and don’t look as good in stripes. Thus a dilemma. So I’m going to attempt this pattern since Nona is doing a 5 part tutorial — should be my speed! Tonight I got gauge with size 1 needles and my Lorna’s Laces Sassy Stripes. If the stripes don’t look good I’ll rip and use my multicolored (but not striped) purple LL.

2. I ran out of yarn for the bear. Dammit. Hopefully will be able to pick some up tomorrow. I have the urge to have this done by the weekend — is it gonna happen??

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One Response to Got gauge! And running out of yarn…

  1. nona says:

    Good job with your gauge swatch — I bet your Sidewinders will look great in the Lorna’s Laces.

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