WIP Report: Seaming

I have one very, very exciting thing to report. The CPH is seamed and I’m onto the hood! Witness:

It actually looks like a sweater! This is a very, very bad picture, so I apologize. Sorry about the pajamas too. But I’m also so excited I hardly care!

There’s a seam in the middle of this swath of fabric!

I’ve learned a lot about seaming lately. For one reason or another I’ve been sifting through my knitting books and realized there is a wealth of information in them. I know that sounds dumb, but when every book on the face of the earth tells you how to knit, and you already know how to knit, it’s easy to skip that section. But now I’ve been going back, and LO! They tell you how to seam. And then this tutorial on knitty is absolutely brilliant on the particular issue of seaming perpendicular rows.

So there you have it. Seaming. I think I did a pretty fantastic job, actually, considering I’ve been doing it wrong since forever. It’s practically invisible. Not completely, due to bulk, but not bad. I got better as I went too. The first sleeve needed a lot of adjustment, but by the time I was finishing up the last section there was no adjustment at all. Awesome.

Really the only problem was my yarn disintegrating after a while. I guess I need to use shorter lengths and just weave in those ends! Anyway, I’m on to the hood, which is promising to take forever, but after that it’s just the button band, weaving in ends, finding a zipper, and waiting until it’s winter again to wear it! 😀

Some notes about size: I upsized to to a size above the last printed size. So far it fits well, I think. Far more fitted than I was planning on, actually, but I think it’ll look good. I might not wear it zipped up a lot. I was most concerned about reports that the arms were tight, but this seems spot on. Relief!

In other knitterly news, well, there’s not a lot going on. I’m swatching for the Boo’s stripey tank top but I’m having gauge issues. My row count is too small but my stitch count is too big. I have no idea how to combat this so I’m swatching away hoping to find something that works. And if worse comes to worse I guess it’ll just be big.

Side note: I’ve had to buy new needles for this project because my treasured bamboo needles do not follow standard mm sizing. I’m going to bitch about this more later, but seriously? This is the first time I’ve ever been really irate about the US lack of conformity to a consistent worldwide measuring system. However, I’m blaming the Brits.

Rusted Root is coming along oh so slowly. A few rows at a time. It’ll be done by next summer, eh? The bear is the same place it was last time. And that’s pretty much all of my projects at the moment! Well except for that one in timeout and that one that’s a secret.

I’ve made a few decisions though, regarding clothing for moi. I’m going to take a break after my CPH (although I’ll keep plugging away on RR) and make some smaller projects. This includes clothes for the Boo, lace shawls, baby gifts, bags, headbands (I’m wearing my two knitted ones to death and need more! In more colors!), perhaps a toy or two (knitted dinosaurs!), socks, and more importantly, I want to do some sewing. So although my wish list for sweaters and the lot is a mile long, I’m just having such a hard time justifying it right now. It takes so much yarn and so much time to knit something that goes around me, it’s just disheartening. I get a lot more enjoyment out of making small things. So, for a little while at least, small things it is. I’m sure I’ll make another sweater eventually, I want them too much not too, plus I have the yarn, but I need a breather.

And on that depressing note, it’s back to the hood! Suddenly I’m glad I have a small head.

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2 Responses to WIP Report: Seaming

  1. marie says:

    Looks Great! You’ll have it done in no time.

    The hood really does go faster than you think, I though it was taking me forever, but then i realized I was done. Button band was the same way.

  2. Marce says:

    Hi Carrie!
    I’m so glad I made a trip over here. Your CPH is looking REALLY good – I’m luvin that choice of yarn – yum! Your seams are indeed invisible and that is a major accomplishment. I had to chuckle in agreement at what you wrote regarding skipping the How To sections in most books.

    Keep it up – looks great!

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