WIP Friday: so close I can taste it!

No pics! It’s dinnertime and then it’s bedtime so unless I do it tonight, it’s just not happening. Maybe I’ll update tomorrow? Although I’m really not sure there’s anything worth taking pictures of besides the booties.

My CPH is so close I can taste it. Sort of. There’s actually still a lot to do, but it’s so much less than it was that it seems nearly there! The fronts, back, and sleeves are blocks and ready for seaming. Then it’s just the hood and buttonbands! Woohoo!

I’ve also started on those baby gifts. First up is the Pirate Bootie from 50 Baby Booties. Honestly it’s a PITA and I’m already thinking of ways to make it easier for the next pair I make. Because seriously, they’re cute. They will need to be made again.

I ripped out the Market Bag because I decided to do it in the round. I was getting totally confused because my stitches aren’t matching up with the pattern in terms of when to do P1 and when to do P2, etc. not that i’m not getting confused now, but it seems to be easier. Plus it’s so airy I couldn’t fathom how to sew it together neatly. So round it is! Then I can do a three needle bindoff on the bottom and bob’s your uncle. So that’s not even as far up as the last picture, BUT it’s two sides at once so probably the same.

Ummm what else. Oh Rusted Root! How could I forget. Rusted Root makes me wish I was 100 pounds thinner. Why? Because I’ve already past the point where the smallest size goes beyond the sleeves, whereas *I* have about 50 more rows to go. Ugh. Nevertheless, it is going well, a few rows at a time. It’s a couple inches longer than last time but really no point taking pictures.

That’s it! Right now I’m playing with Ravelry which is possibly the coolest thing ever. I’m hoping once I get everything organized it will help my mind slow down and stop panicking over fear I’ll forget something I want to do.

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