Baby Gifts

It seems like everyone we know is having a baby! Okay, not everyone but a whole lot of people. This means baby gifts. As much as I like shopping for baby stuff, I like making it even more. So.. I’ve started to think about baby gifts.

We have friends who are due next week, and then all the way through December! Not to mention we have babies in England who I have NEVER knit for. This includes my very own nieces. Can you believe it? I am a horrible, selfish knitter. To be fair, the nieces are twins and the thought of knitting two dresses gives me the heebie jeebies, but they’re only getting bigger so seriously I should do it soon.

ANYWAY I’ve totally gotten off topic. The point is, I need to make some baby gifts! Nothing screams baby gifts like baby booties, so I need to get rockin’ on those. There’s also a book called Itty Bitty Hats which is calling my name. There’s a bunny hat in there. Bunny. Yum.

Sigh. So many knits, so little time. And to think I want to sew more as well!

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