Learning to crochet

Crafty Daisies is doing a “learn to crochet” series. This is good. I should learn how to crochet. I always have to look it up when I run across crochet things like borders on knits and such.

I can’t say I’m overly excited. I actually first learned to crochet from my Aunt Dolly when I was a kid. Lots of granny squares. Later my friend Kim’s Nanny showed us how to crochet and I think I made a hat. I do sometimes see crochet projects that I like though, like bags and capes, so yah, I can learn to crochet.

What I particularly like about this tutorial is that it’s not just random squares. She’s planned it so that in the end you can make a “lapghan”, so a really small blanket. I don’t particularly desire a really small blanket, so I’m going to make my squares into a bag, like the Larger Than Life bag. I am in the middle of a bag obsession so this is good. And I have shitloads of Lion Brand Homespun upstairs that are begging to be used!

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