WIP Friday: Lots and lots!

Okay, so it’s Saturday. We were really busy yesterday!

First I’m still working on the bloody CPH but it was 85 last week and do you know how I feel about sitting in 85 degrees with a pile of wool on my lap? Not happy. Not happy at all. So I started something new. I know I said I wouldn’t, so this is designated my “upstairs project” for when the boy is playing with sand and trains upstairs. I’ll only work on it then. Really.

It’s Rusted Root! I positively absolutely adore this cotton fleece. It’s cool, it’s soft, it’s slightly sproingy, it’s just wonderful. The color is a bit off, it’s actually much pinker than the picture. The color is “mauve”. I hope to hell it fits when it’s done! I’m using a needle size up from where I got gauge since I’m right on the edge of the largest printed size.

I’ve got a couple mobile projects going. One is a bear for Baby Bea:

This pattern is about ten years old, and was actually my first knitting project ever. My cousin was having her first baby and I wanted to make her something. We were living in England at the time and there’s a wool shop near H’s parents house. I saw this knitted bear and, naively, thought Hey! I’ll make her a bear.

I bought chenille yarn (in retrospect, bad choice), and some needles and sat down with my MIL’s knitting books and went for it. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing so I’m amazed it turned out as well as it did. Anyway when we thought a bear would be nice to make for A.B., I managed to find the pattern. This time though I’m going to felt it because I wasn’t happy about the holes the YOs put in the shaping of the bear.

I kind of have this vision of a bear, maybe wearing a dress, with a bag to hold the ashes and the bear is sitting on top of her box of stuff. I hope that doesn’t sound creepy. Needless to say I don’t have a deadline for this one, so I’m only working on it when I feel like it.

Thus there is an additional travelling project:

It’s the Market Bag from MagKnits. I’m really excited about this one! This is cotton fleece (again!) and it’s really just a tester as I have some hemp I intend to use for the same bag. I’m not convinced I won’t want to change this pattern though (like using two handles a la Disdressed) so I’m doing this one in some leftover cotton fleece and will do another more final version in the hemp. Then I’ll be totally set for farmer’s markets this summer. Can’t wait!!

Finally, I’ve also been swatching:

Clockwise from the top are Rowan’s Yorkshire Tweed DK (discontinued, sadly), GGH Goa (cotton/acrylic blend), Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed, Cascade 200. I’ll talk more about these when I finish off my current batch of swatches. These have been boatloads of fun and I’m really surprised by some of the results! Actually these were my upstairs project until RR — I just couldn’t resist is really the problem here 🙂

As for the CPH.. I’m on my second sleeve. Note to self: Sweaters take a loooong time to knit. I’m still confident it’ll get finished… eventually. Thank goodness it cooled down a bit!

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