Sewing Wish List

I’m not calling this a sewing “to do” list because the likelihood of finishing these projects is pretty much nil. However, it’s a fun list to make! I have run across so many tutorials lately that I think my sewing machine will get some good use this summer.

  • First up, lots of bags. Particularly of interest is the grocery bag tutorial at U-handblog.
  • I just saw this patchwork cube tutorial and it tickles me. I don’t know what we’d do with it, we do not need anything else taking up floor space. Nevertheless. It’s very cute.
  • I have a peasant shirt that needs its sleeves shortened. A lot.
  • I have this gorgeous embroidered blue skirt that appears to be handmade (I got it at some flea market something or other at the Dickens festival in Broadstairs) that doesn’t fit, won’t fit unless something drastic happens, and I don’t know what to do with it. Something though.
  • I have this 80s patchwork dress that I’ve hung onto for ages that I cannot wear. I am going to turn the top into a bag and the bottom into a skirt.
  • I also have a dress from Mali with beautiful hand embroidery along the top. Essentially it’s a giant sheet of fabric sewn up the sides with a hole for your head. I think I should make it into a shirt preserving the neck. I have no idea how to do this.
  • I still want to make that jean pocket quilt and baby quilt I talked about before, although most of those other projects are on the back burner for obvious reasons.
  • I saw this tutorial on turning t-shirts into pants/shorts and I have to say that’s very clever. Would make some nice and easy shorts for running around the house on hot summer days for the boy.
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