The Mother of All Pincushions

First of all, go see this pincushion. Is it me or is it the size of a real cake? That would hold a lot of pins. You would never need to get another pincushion again. Ever.

And, of course, I love it! 🙂

Which brings me to how I found it, which is that there’s a Pincushion Challenge! This is so exciting. It’s the sort of thing where a) it can’t take that long and b) you get to brew your creative juices on a small but do-able project every month. I hope I can be inspired by next month’s topic! They haven’t said what it is though.

This was inspired by the Tie One On apron make-along. The last theme was rick rack and I actually did have an idea in my head (which no one else did, oh well), but that’s as far as I got. Someday, right? Aprons sound like it will be more involved than a pincushion. Not to belittle the pincushion, of course.

But seriously.. a cake pincushion.. whodathunkit?

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