WIP Friday: Slogging It

Well, now, here’s the problem with being the type of person who obsesses about one thing. That’s pretty much all you’re going to hear about. The camera has not found me yet, so no pics. But really, who needs pictures? They’d be boring. There’s only so many pictures of a partially done sweater even I can maintain interest in.

As it is, I’m up to the bust darts on the right front of the CPH. The end is near, I can feel it. Nevermind I have two sleeves, a hood, and a whole-bunch-o-seaming to do!

I haven’t ripped out the Chevron Scarf yet because of said camera. I want to take pics first. Then rip it out and start some new socks. Whee!

I have also started Calorimetry with my leftover Mountain Colors sock yarn. What that really means is that I’ve cast on for it four times now but my cast on count is always wrong. 120 stitch cast on is a bitch! I need to sit down and concentrate on that sucker, then it should be easy going.

Lastly, I swatched with some Rowan Yorkshire Tweed and I’m absolutely smitten. It’s sublime. I need some. I need a lot. I need a sweater out of this, and it’s not “need”, it’s NEED. It’s calling to me. I was going to blather on about how perfect it is and ponder which sweater pattern best suited it (as if I’m an expert now or something), but in searching for a link to the yarn, I’ve discovered it’s discontinued. Isn’t that always the way? Why do I keep discovering Rowan yarns I love (like Cork used for the Boo’s Robin Hood Jacket) only to find out they’re discontinued?

So. This doesn’t change the fact that I still love it. This particular color (Hero #411) is a pale aqua/turquoise color with green and purple flecks. Green and purple on aqua. How divine is that? So ME! I was going to pick some up in the UK the next time we were there as it’s generally cheaper, but now I’m thinking I need to find some on sale, if there’s any left on the planet. Hmm.

And finally, one might wonder why the hell I haven’t started any cupcakes I’ve been blabbering about for ages. Why indeed. As I say to the Boo, Focus! Focus focus focus!

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