Sick as a dog but knitting anyway

We’re all sick. Well, except the boy. He’s fine, of course. And disgusted with his two parents who can hardly move. I’ve been neglecting him and totally forgetting to fix things like, oh, meals. Ugh. I’m actually doing okay, sort of sick but still functioning. H is totally out for the count.

I’ve been back to working on my CPH. I finished the left front and pinned it to the back and voila! It looks like a cardigan. It’s actually a wee bit small, but I’m sure it’ll block bigger. And this was knitted at both larger than gauge and a size two inches larger than I measure! Geez. I started the right front but in my apparent delirium (this is my excuse, really it was just not paying attention), I started with too small needles, so that got ripped and I’m starting again.

I have to say, I am lucky that ceramics taught me patience. I have no problem starting over if it’s going to make it right (or good enough, I’m not a perfectionist here). It’ll get done eventually. Now if it seriously doesn’t fit, then we’ll have a problem.

There are some interruptions coming up though, namely I need to kick out some knitted food for the Mukilteo Yarn Circle kiddos, and mother’s day is quickly approaching! I knew there was something else I needed at the Let It Rain sale!

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