Chevron Scarf: Maybe Not

I don’t have any pics at the moment, but the only thing that saw any knitterly love the past week was the Chevron Scarf. And… I’m not sure about it. I love the Koigu itself (absolutely gorgeous, I could just pet it all day) and the colors and the color progression… but… I keep thinking:

1. These yarns would make some damn fine socks.

2. I wish I had bought STR instead. I just like the pics of those better.

I take this as a sign that a) I should buy some STR and make a Chevron Scarf from that instead (as I’m loving the pattern) and b) I should use this yarn for socks. I’ve already got the patterns picked out for each color.

Sigh. I’ll take pics before I kill it.

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One Response to Chevron Scarf: Maybe Not

  1. Liane says:

    Are you gonna get the medium weight STR? I bought the lightweight STR and I’m not sure if it is too fine for the scarf. Hmmm maybe I’ll just c.o. and see…

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