WIP Friday

Here are the shots of my finished Mountain Colors socks! I lurve them:

The good: I love the gradual striping on these. I love the colors full stop. I like the 3×1 ribbing which I think suits my thicker legs a lot better than 2×2 which just looks stretched. I love this slipped stitch heel. Neither the ribbing nor the heel is part of the pattern, they’re just things I love so far in my very short sock-making career! These are very springy, soft and lovely to wear.

The bad: My measuring skills suck. These are much shorter than I was planning and I have a lot of yarn left. It’s not that big a deal though since this is the height I end up wearing socks anyway, since I always fold them down. Also, I ain’t ripping them out, seeing as the first one was ripped once to begin with! Furthermore, I think they might be too big. They’re a little slouchy on the leg, feel rather roomy, and the square heel puckers. But then I’m used to socks that don’t fit so I’m not sure how they’re supposed to feel. I do like them though so I don’t really care. They’re not superwash, so I suppose I could send them through the washer, but then I’d be afraid they’d end up too small!

Pattern: Sock recipe from Big Girl Knits
Modifications: No calf shaping, favorite slip stitch heel, 3×1 ribbing on cuff
Yarn: Mountain Colors Weavers Wool in North Wind
Date: First quarter 2007

Next up, a new travelling companion:

I picked up these skeins of Koigu at Churchmouse Yarns on our fieldtrip to Bainbridge Island. Although these aren’t colors I wear a lot of, these two combined just called to me. And if I’ve learned anything about crafting over the years, it’s go with what calls to you. Otherwise you won’t want to finish it. This is going to be the infamous Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts that everyone else is making. I wasn’t going to make one, but dammit, they are all so pretty! So far I’m liking it, although I do hope the pink shifts to the middle at some point! I think it’s interesting how they have some very similar colors but the balls look so different.

And finally, CPH progress!

The front is on stitch holders because I got to the part where it says to knit it as long as the back, then do the shoulders. And seeing as I didn’t have a back… well… back to the back, so to speak. Nearly there though! And being extra careful. Third time the charm perhaps?

This is the bust dart. I’m still not entirely convinced it’s going to work, but I do think it’s neat. It’s hard to see so I’ve pointed arrows at it. I think it might be a bit too low and a bit too shallow. The advice in Big Girl Knits said to measure to your bra band, and that it should be an inch or two below where the armhole hits. Mine is a good 4 inches. Plus I had an uneven number, and the book didn’t say what to do if that was the case. I rounded up to turning every 3 stitches, but perhaps I should have rounded down. I dunno. I did the math and I did the measuring, and this is what I came up with. But, my measuring, as I’ve said before, tends to be off. I’m going to pin everything together once the back and shoulders are done and try it on for size. I can rip back down and redo it if needed. I don’t mind it if it’s going to get it right! Plus, this isn’t a very fitted top so it’s okay if it merely suggests boob room instead of being very exact about the prospect. I love how the hem is sitting straight on my stomach though instead of going up! Nice change of pace. That’s what we’re looking for.

I do have one other project I finished but I can’t show you yet. It’s a surprise for someone and hopefully I’ll get the rest of her gift finished up soon so I can photograph it all!

It’s been a decent week despite those CPH setbacks. I’m really looking forward to finishing it because a) I’m so tired of my ill-fitting and heavy cotton jumpers and b) I really want to get started on Rusted Root!

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