WIP Friday – or not!

Weellll… not so much done this week. No pictures because there’s nothing worth taking a picture of!

Last week I finished the back, tried it on for size, discovered it was rather long, measured it, and it was a whole inch and half longer than it was supposed to be. Oops. For some reason I always have trouble measuring. I’m not sure why, but things are inevitably either too short or too long. It would be nice if I was at least consistently short or long, but no such luck. So, rip it went, back to below the armholes.

I’m now back to where I was, with the back completed and looks pretty good. Next, onto the fronts! I’m going to do one at a time because I want to do some short row shaping over the bustage area, and I’ve never done that before, so it’ll be a learning experience. Then the sleeves, then the hood, then the edging, then the seaming… gawd. There’s no way this is going to be done by the 15th, right?

In brighter pastures, my socks are very close to being done. And other than that, there’s absolutely nothing else on the needles! Lest you think I’m slacking though, there are a million things processing in my head. And some yarn in hand for some of them. Whee! Summer projects, can’t wait!

Question at the moment is.. what’s next for my travelling project? Perhaps a Chevron Scarf with some recently procured Koigu? (More on that trip later, yum!) More socks? Though frankly I think I can use a break from socks. I want to start some lace, but I’m not quite there yet. Plus I’m not sure that’s a good travelling project seeing as I’ve never done it before. Hmm!

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