Work-In-Progress (WIP) Friday — just under the wire!

It’s 10:30pm and I’m just now getting to this. In fact I nearly forgot! We had an unusually busy day. But enough of that, on to the knits! I’m still quite thrilled with this concept, can you tell?

First up, my obsession with Moebius bowls is paying off. The felted bowls are delectible, the Easter Basket turned out even better than I imagined, and I see some gifts in the making for Christmas!

The blue bowl just needs that orange i-cord attached and they will all be DONE. I love felting. It’s just so satisfying, plus you never can tell how it’ll turn out so when it turns out well it’s twice as sweet!

Next up: my main squeeze, Central Park Hoodie. The back is almost done. I really wanted to get it done by today, and still may actually, but in the picture it’s about an inch short of the shoulder decreases. So very, very close. On top is another Cascade 220 swatch for the Swatch Library.

Speaking of Cascade 220 swatches, the felted swatch was really interesting:

Those yellow bits used to be 4″x4″! I haven’t actually measured the size yet, but I will for the Swatch Library. It’s teensy tiny and definitely felts more vertically than horizontally — which I knew but it’s nice to see it in action and measurable. I love the feel of it, it would make a nice jacket or vest. I actually wish it felted just a wee bit more so the stitches were totally erased. I might try felting it more by hand. Oh and the cable? Totally crap felted. good to know!

And finally, because you can’t have too many pictures of a good thing, another shot of Robin Hood, this time unattached to my child:

I luuuurve it very deeply. What a happy week! And to think I took some stash pictures for future projects because I felt like I hadn’t done anything and I needed something to fill out this space. But now I feel all achieved and everything. Go me! 😉

ETA: I totally forgot about the sock! It’s pretty much exactly where it was last week. Slow going this week in the realms of knitting on the road.

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