Robin Hood Jacket: Complete!

I finally got around to sewing on the buttons for the Boo’s Robin Hood Jacket so it is officially complete! Yay, another “Finished Object” for 2007, and it’s not a hat!

The good news is that 1) it looks great and 2) the Boo actually loves it! I am sort of in shock. I figured after all that work he wouldn’t wear it. He’s quite attached to his fleece jacket and will choose that one 99% of the time. So perhaps today is a fluke? Nevertheless, he wore it most of today, played outside in it, and it held up very well. I’m extremely pleased. In fact it wouldn’t be a far reach to say I’m giddy with joy!

Pattern: Robin Hood Jacket
Source: Adorable Knits for Tots by Zoe Mellor
Yarn: Rowan Cork (discontinued) in some mustardy yellow color
Dates: January – March 2007
Changes: I did a three needle bind-off for the shoulders and hood. I also screwed up but am choosing to call it a “design feature” 😉 More on that below.

I totally mis-read the instructions! Doh. On the first front I had the cable right smack up against the moss stitch border. Then I decided that looked crap and added in a purl stitch. This meant a 5 stitch moss stitch border and 1 purl stitch before the cable, so 6 stitches total. I didn’t back up though as this was several inches up and didn’t figure anyone would really notice. Then when I was doing the next front, I saw that she actually intended it to have a 4 stitch moss stitch border with the 1 purl stitch then cable, so 5 stitches. I went ahead and did it the same as my first side though so they would match. Therefore both of my fronts have an extra stitch. Oops. No biggie.

Unfortunately this also means the buttons are a bit off. I sewed them in as intended, but the border doesn’t meet quite right, it’s wider than intended. I could move the buttons, and I might as it’s a bit gappy, but honestly? It looks okay to me. I’ll probably leave it.

All in all I’m exceptionally happy with the results and I love that the Boo likes it. I think it’s really pretty, I LOVE the Rowan Cork (oh why did they discontinue it?!) and I’m tempted to use the same or similar cable pattern for something for me! This was my first big (little) cable project and I am totally in love with cables now. Five stars for me!

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  1. Liane says:

    That turned out great!!!! It looks awesome. I’m sure you have a hard time getting him to take it off!

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