Local Yarn Store Tour

Apparently there’s an organized Local Yarn Store Tour in the Seattle area. I am SO excited because I haven’t had half a chance to visit most of these! I’ve made it to four or five that are near me and one way out in Mukilteo but the rest? Not had a chance yet. So this is very cool. I also love the one skein idea, where every shop will have a pattern using one skein of something you can buy in store. I love me some one skein projects. Very gratifying.

To wit, I’m going to post my list of shops I have or will visit, with things I wish to remember for myself. (Italicized are those I still need to visit!) One might think there wouldn’t be enough fiber folks to support all of these shops, but apparently not. Unlike L’ville! When will I stop finding fantastic things about Seattle?

  • Hill Top Yarn
    (Queen Anne) — a house where the rooms are organized by themes — the wool room, etc, with lots and lots of good quality yarn.
  • Hill Top Yarn East (Bellevue)
  • So Much Yarn (Downtown Seattle) — the layout of this place is my favorite so far, lots to choose from, but parking is a PITA.
  • Weaving Works (University District) — again lots and lots of yarn — probably the most so far? Convenient unless it’s getting close to rush hour. Lots of pattern books and even a play area for kids (although my kid would go straight for the yarn).
  • Let It Rain Yarn (Mukilteo) — small but by far the friendlist shop I’ve been to. VERY helpful!

Okay that’s all I have time for at the moment. Obviously there are more than these and I know there are lists out there (there’s even one at the LYS site). This is going to be a work in progress!

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  1. Elspeth says:

    I’m so jealous, I want to go on a yarn tour! I think pretty much any big city has way too many yarn stores these days, whether or not there are knitters or crocheters to support them. We’ve got them opening here left and right! I’m still going through the Portland yarn stores, but I haven’t been to any in Seattle!

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