Fun Food!

Ever since I read about the Bainbridge Island group that meets once a month, picks a topic, makes that topic and then exchanges at the next meeting, I’ve desperately been wanting to do that too. I’ve also been desperately wanting to join some knit-alongs. It’s just more doing this with someone else!

Lo and behold, my Mukilteo Yarn Circle friends all want to do a knitalong and swap type thing too. Whee! So our topic fo April is food. I couldn’t be more pleased.

So, of course, one goes in search of food. Holy crap there’s a lot out there. Here are a mere sampling of my favorites:

First of all cupcakes.

There’s a pattern for cupcakes in the One Skein book. Check out the pics at the KAL as well as the picture above. Cuuuute! has some amazing sewn play food that is just awe inspiring. I don’t have that much fabric to play with, but it’s inspiring, no?

Since one of my true loves is felting, there’s an article on on needle felting fruits and veggies. I have only wet-felted before, not needle felting, so very interested in trying this out. However I can’t get over doing this with the kiddo around. Pointy Sticks of Death are one thing, but barbed needles?? I dunno, this might have to wait a while.

Other bits and bobs (found by Liane): veggie rattles, a knitted donut and other no-nos, these absolutely fabulous knitted pumpkins, and last but not least, I think this sushi is cute but Boo won’t know what the hell it is, then again he doesn’t know what a hamburger is either and I’m totally making one of those!

And then Etsy always has fun and interesting things to look at.

That’s all I got right now. First up are cupcakes, particularly since I have a ridiculous amount of that furry stuff in the stash. I have a sewn hamburger/veggieburger in mind too. Beyond that? Fruits and veggies, I suppose.. the possibilities are endless! And I’m so glad I have friends to share it with!

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