Introducing Work-In-Progress Friday

I’ve seen the idea of a “work-in-progress” post on a particular day on a few sites, and I think it’s a great idea! Seeing as the primary purpose of my website is to remind myself of whatever I deem worthy (blogs are so gratifyingly self-centered), it would be nice to have a record of my projects as I’m working on them, instead of waiting for the eons it apparently takes for me to actually finish something, then remember to take pictures and post THAT. This way at least I’ll not feel like I’m not doing nothing when it seems to me that I do quite a lot but have nothing on my website to show for it! The only complicated part of this plan is to convince the Boo to let me not only take pictures but do the editing and posting on the computer all on the same day. You wouldn’t believe how complicated that is with a toddler.

So! I’m going to attempt to do Work-In-Progress Fridays. This week I’ve been obsessed with Moebius Bowls (thanks, Megan!). They are the coolest thing ever. They twist so they have no wrong side. It’s like if MC Escher knitted, this is what he would make. I took Megan’s class at Let It Rain Yarn and I haven’t stopped doing them since. I finished my first bowl last Saturday, and I’ve made two more since (one is hopefully going to be the Boo’s Easter basket). These bowls are meant to be felted, so in preparation for a felting frenzy, I also made a bag for a friend that can be felted at the same time. Here they are all unfelted:

I just need to weave in ends and do an orange i-cord for the teal bag, then felt away! I’m giddy with joy. Next I’m going to make a Moebius bag. I can’t wait!

Okay, well, I can wait a little bit because I’m also working on my CPH:

This is the back, about 7 inches up. It’s laying on top of another sweater I wear quite a bit to make sure it’ll fit. I’m pretty sure it will as the green sweater is humongous (but comfy!). I not only upsized the pattern to 52″ (the last size of the printed pattern is 48″) but I am also using size 8 needles instead of size 7 (which is the size I got gauge with). I am actually worried it will be TOO big.. but compared to the green sweater I think it’ll be okay. Many people at the KAL have reported that the sizes run small, so hopefully a 52 will be more like a 50, which would be right on target. Here’s hoping blocking goes well once it’s all done! Keep the faith, right?

And then finally we have some socks. I finished one and am now working on the second!

I LOVE how they feel. Seriously squishy and soft. Something was off in my measurements though because I meant them to be a few inches taller on my leg. But oh well. I’ve already ripped this sock once and I’m not doing it again! I always fold down other socks anyway so I’m sure it’ll be fine.

These are my “travelling socks” that go with me for knitting projects on the run. I have to resist the temptation to work on them at home though, because I really want to finish them. These will be my official second pair of socks when completed, and I’ve already learned a lot. For example, I love the 3×1 ribbing at the top, I think it looks a lot better with my rather thick legs than the normal 2×2 which just looks stretched. I also am not at all sure about the heel. I sized down with needles to alleviate that gauge problem I had last time, but they still look funny. Maybe I should do that round heel I keep reading about.

Anyway! There’s also a lace cardi on the needles that is currently waiting to get picked up again — after I finish the CPH, I think!

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